Tungle.me makes scheduling meetings easy across organizations, calendar systems and time zones by eliminating the multiple emails, phone calls and double bookings that typically come with finding a time to meet.
Tungle.me synchronizes with the leading online calendar systems including BlackBerry, Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Entourage for Mac, Lotus Notes, Yahoo! and Windows Live. Tungle.me does not require people you schedule with to sign up or download anything.

Tungle.me lets you send meeting invitations that propose multiple times and automatically adjust for time zones. You can also invite others to schedule with you through your personal Tungle.me page, which displays your custom availability not your calendar details.

With Tungle.me for BlackBerry, you can share calendars with others, inside or outside your organization, across different calendar types. You can schedule meetings by overlaying calendars of people you share with and proposing multiple times to meet. Tungle.me sorts replies for you, dynamically prevents double bookings, and automatically adjusts for invitees time zones. You can also reply to meeting invitations received from other Tunglers, or through your personal Tungle.me scheduling page.

App Name:Tungle.me for BlackBerry

App Version:1.10.0

App Size:1032 KB


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