Burnout Check

Minimize your Burnout risk Maximize your quality of life. *** scientifically proven ***
Use the scientifically proven Burnout Check to find out about your room of improvement and prevent yourself from a burnout. Use 10 Minutes of your life to improve it forever!

There is a capability for improvement in everybodys life, identify it now.

- Answer quick and simple questions
- See your results in all categories clearly arranged in the result screen
- Exact and easy adjustment with slider
- Encouraging design – Start your new life with a smile!

This app requires an SD-Card. We strongly recommend using original SD-cards by SanDisk since others might be a lot slower.

Burnout Check for blackberry app Screenshot

App Name:Burnout Check

App Version:1.0.4

App Size:583 KB

Cost:US$2.99 USD

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