Interval and Exercise Timer for BlackBerry smartphones including the BlackBerry Storm™.

What does it do? – It times intervals or exercise routines providing an audio and large digit display prompt for each interval phase. Shows elapsed time and remaining time to complete the phase. Optionally provides a countdown to the next exercise or rest period.

Some sample sets of intervals are already included but you are also allowed you to create your own, tailored to your own specific needs. Each interval phase can be assigned a description which can be used to describe the exercise activity, player or equipment to use.

Common uses include:-
* Yoga – Sets of meditation, posture and breathing exercises
* Martial Arts – Time periods for basics, forms, sparing
* Boxing – Working bags in pairs, skipping, sparing
* Circuit Training – Exercises on different equipment, reps, rest periods. Different sets for each day
* Meetings – Speech training, timing and meeting times
* Event Timing – Chess competitions
* Other – Running, jogging, walking, stretching, pre exercise warmup and final cooling down periods

Free trial available with reduced number of sets and records.

* Timer Countdown
* Auto Repeat
* Audio alert
* Large Digit Display
* Pause, Resume, Skip and Restart
* Storm touchscreen support
* Vibrate
* Built-in Sets
* Define your own Sets of Intervals
* Independent countdown, volume, sound, vibrate, repeat options
* Data Autosave

Creating your own sets is easy.
1. Menu / New and type your Set Name eg. My Set
2. Select My Set using trackwheel or touchscreen and Menu / Open displays the currently new empty set
3. Menu / New to define each interval and use the trackwheel or touchscreen to select and change the Order, Duration, Description and Sound finally Back to add.
4. Menu / Other Settings can be used to change Countdown, Repeat, Vibrate and Volume settings which apply to the whole set.

App Name:Intervals

App Version:1.5.45

App Size:114 KB

Cost:US$9.99 USD

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