Glowing charging monitor compatible with business environment.

When set for automatic operation, comes on automatically when you plug in, and disappears automatically when you unplug.

Tells battery temperature as well as time and charge level.

Battery fill changes gradually from red through orange and yellow to green as the battery charges.

Temperature is green when in proper range for charging, red if too hot, or blue if too cold. Theres an audible alarm if your battery gets too hot during charging, for example if the sunlight shifted on your desk and is overheating the phone.

Alarm defers to Mercury alarm settings if Mercury installed.

Powerefficient, dims backlight while shown for minimal effect on charging time. Enabling AutoDim Backlight can further reduce brightness, for example when using as a bedside mode.

When the phone is in bright light, its light sensor may scale the display brighter for visibility. The phone may therefore charge slightly faster when placed in lessbright light, such as at the side of a desk rather than directly under a lamp.

Answers to Reviews:

Theres a certain verypopular phone that has a battery on its display when charging, whereas the BlackBerry either flashes the LED or does nothing. Some people requested this feature as an alternative to I Charge Cool thats appropriate for a business environment, and it was published for whomever else might want it.

App Name:BlackCharge

App Version:1.3.5

App Size:35 KB

Cost:US$0.99 USD

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