Grid Words

Grid Words is a Game of word searching and brain twisting fun! Players race against the 3 minute clock searching for words that can be created from adjacent letters. Construct as many words with 3 or more letters in the 3 minute time limit, then add up your points determined by word size. Play on your own in single player, or grab some paper and pens and challenge as many people as you want in multiplayer.

Planned for Future:
-application automatically adjusts backlight timer when playing multiplayer
-virtual keyboard automatically opens when playing single player
-higher quality and updated graphics

-updated text graphics to clean up jagged borders
-changed tutorial graphics to reflect new grid style graphics
-fixed errors in game choice page
-multiplayer mode now rotates letters for more even game play
-removed border errors
-minor graphics fix in single player mode
-fixed about page
-removed potential copyright issues
-added single player mode
-changed instructions on tutorial page to describe gameplay better
-added warning to extend backlight timer for multiplayer in game choice page
-original release previous releases were beta

Grid Words for blackberry game Screenshot

App Name:Grid Words

App Version:1.0.7

App Size:636 KB

Cost:US$0.99 USD

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