Alejandro Sanz

Welcome to the official Alejandro Sanz application for BlackBerry. This App is the essential interactive element to keep in touch with the Alejandro Sanz universe.

You can listen to complete songs, watch videos, see the dates of the upcoming concerts, pictures, news and more. Through this App, fans can connect with each other and share their comments on Alejandro Sanz and his paradise.

Note this App is only available in Spanish.
Visualizar en streaming videos completos

Fotos de todo tipo

Links a la tienda oficial y a sus websites

Muro para Fans, donde se pueden comentar audios, videos y fotos

Integración con los canales Facebook y Twitter de Alejandro

Integración con la lista oficial de Mail de Alejandro Sanz.

Alejandro Sanz for blackberry

App Name:Alejandro Sanz

App Version:0.1.2

App Size:1188 KB

Cost:US$1.99 USD

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