You can Block,Wipe,locate and do more when your smartphone is stolen or lost.
TracknShield TnS is smartphone security application that lets the user manage his/her smartphone remotely either via TnS web site or from any mobile phone using short code text messages SMS.
How valuable is your mobile phone to you? The answer is going to be different for everyone, but I suspect a common element is that the value of the phone extends significantly beyond its actual financial value. Thats because mobile phones are devices that have a strong personal connection for many people.
But more than anything else, theres value in the content that is stored in the mobile phone, its not just about contacts any more, there are text messages, emails, photos, music, applications and more too.
Chances are your phone has stored logins for your social networking accounts, giving easy access to Twitter, Facebook and more. Its no surprise then that an ever increasing number of people say that their mobile is one of their most important possessions. Losing your phone, which will probably happen to almost everyone sooner or later, be it through theft or accident, can be a traumatic experience. Financial value and content aside theres also the inconvenience on having to arrange a replacement, and a strong sense of being disconnected. The corporate world has long worried about the security of sensitive data on mobile devices and consequently there are many solutions that focus on securing data or allowing the device to be controlled from afar remote management. These usually revolve around locking a device, so its data can not be accessed, or wiping the data altogether. Some of these enterprise solutions are available to consumers e.g. the built in SMS lock facility in devices, but the emphasis tends to be on data protection rather enabling the retrieval of the phone.
NIGERIA SIM Card Registration : DO YOU KNOW? PROBLEM: Criminals shoot people to get their cars and commit crimes with it and dump it. SIM card registration will now make it more likely that you will get hijacked, injured or even killed for your mobile phone so they can commit crime with it in your name. You could then be held liable for such a crime if your SIM card is used for the crime.
What Can You Do? REMEDY: If you dont already have a smartphone, get one. Then install NetVisas TracknShield. You will now be protected and be able to control your phone remotely in the case it is stolen you can immediately lock it so the thief cannot use it to commit further crimes in your name, among other things you can backup, restore, wiping of your data and tracking of the thief all remotely.
User can Lock, Alarm, Locate, Wipe, Assisted Backup/Restore, Callback, Take picture of thief or location of phone, detect SIM Card swap/change and perform several other functions on their smartphone device simply by sending an SMS to the short code number 32810 for Nigeria different shortcode numbers are available for each country.

App Name:TracknShield

App Version:2.9.0

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