Password Wallet — Save all your private information and Password Manager

Selected As A Best Adobe AIRR Application in AdobeR FlashR Platform Summit Developer Challenge this year.

From 1.3.0 onwards Password Wallet app supports BlackBerry smart phones as well as PlayBook also. So enjoy the in both devices.

Are you forgetting passwords or Bank accounts, or credit/debit card details or personal conversations or private contacts..,etc regularly? Or Do you want save some information in a secure place? Or Are you looking any software that manage all your Bank accounts, credit cards, Conversations, contacts, Licences.., etc. with a master password. Then this app is designed for you.

Use this application save all your personal contact information, credit card information, personal visiting cards, FTP accounts, System passwords.., etc in a single application.
There are more than 21 templates are defined in this application.

You can create unlimited categories and and types.

When the application is loaded into your device this application will create 21+ categories. No need to setup/creating the new categories.

Using this application you can also create one or more custom categories.

You can edit or delete the predefined categories at any point of time.

This application accepts the appropriate values like when if you want to create a bank account then this application will accepts the Bank Name, Location, Account number and more.

Using this application you can save security question while creating the email item.

Using this application you can record more than 21 items in a single secure place.

This application is useful in different situations like:
For maintain the private contacts, emails,
Saving your bank information, business information,
For saving the Private conversations,
Save your System passwords,
Save all your Vehicles Information, and Insurance.. and much more.

This application containing more than 21 templates those are listed bellow:
Credit card,
Email accounts like gmail, yahoo or your company emails.., etc
Bank accounts,
FTP Accounts,
Social Networking sites information,
Business Information,
Licences information,
System passwords,
Merchant account Paypal, Google checkout.., etc,
Debit cards Master Card, Visa.., etc,
Blogs Blogger,etc,
Vehicles Information,
Lockers, Home guard locks, Bank lockers etc..,
And others.

This application will display the corresponding layout for each and every item.

Usage of this app is very easy, safe and securable.

In 1.0.3 Added the Backup and Restore function.
We are encrypting your backup file with the current password. So It is very securable.
Just one click to delete all predefined categories.
You can restore to all default categories Just by clicking the Reset to default Button in Settings.

If you have any questions or ideas, please dont hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you. If you really like this app please write a review that will help us to do more useful apps.

App Name:Password Wallet — Save all your private information and Password Manager

App Version:1.4.0

App Size:4710 KB

Cost:US$1.99 USD