FAMOC Remote Access

FancyFon Mobility Center FAMOC Remote Access allows administrators to manage and troubleshoot their fleet of smartphone and tablet devices directly from BlackBerry PlayBook, via remote access, without the need for a desktop or laptop.
The console is incorporated into FancyFon Mobility Center FAMOC; the market leading and award winning mobile device lifecycle management platform that enables customers to centrally manage their fleet of smartphone and tablet devices based on multiple mobile platforms in real time, over the air.

FAMOC Remote Access provides:
A new way to access mobile devices remotely, improving organizations ability to respond to change, fast
Faster time to resolution, by troubleshooting end user problems on the go, without the need to be at the office or in front of a laptop
Intuitive interface, simplifying administration
Full integration into the FAMOCs comprehensive suite of MDM products

App Name:FAMOC Remote Access

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:777 KB