File Explorer for BlackBerry PlayBook

File Explorer makes the task of managing the files and folders on your BlackBerry PlayBook a breeze. The application presents an expandable Folder Tree, Breadcrumb style navigation bar and folder contents with three viewing styles Thumbnail, List and Details views. The application sports a familiar file manager UI which makes it easy to use it.

This feature rich, yet easy to use application allows you to explore your entire file system not just the documents folder. The breadcrumb navigation bar clearly depicts the documents folder as safe and the system folders as unsafe using different colors for these regions of the application.

The application recognizes the common file types such as Images, Videos, Music, Documents, Spreadsheets, PDF files, etc and lists them using appropriate icons. Thumbnail views display a preview of Image files. You can view the basic information about the selected files or launch files using its default application from within the application.

The application allows you to perform the key tasks such as copy, move, rename and delete files and folders with ease.

View folders in a expandeable tree view.
View folder contents in Thumbnail, List or Details views.
Easily navigate a files path from the Breadcrumb navigation bar.
Perform basic file operations such as Cut/Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename, Create Folder.
Move/Copy operations provide warnings before overwritting files.
View file information for multiple files along with preview of image files.
Common file types recognized and presented using appropriate icon.
Directly launch files in default configured applications on the device.
Works in both landscape and portrait modes.

New Features added in v1.0.2:
Search Finding a file on your playbook is now easy. Search for files in current folder or the shared documents folder.
Zip/Unzip Compress files and folders into portable .zip files and save space on your playbook. Extract zip files back when you need them.
Press Hold Touch and hold on an folder for about a second to open it. If its a file it launches in its default application.

We aim at delivering updates to File Explorer at regular intervals as with our other apps and your direct feedbacks and ratings will make a lot of difference.

App Name:File Explorer for BlackBerry PlayBook

App Version:1.0.2

App Size:1391 KB

Cost:US$0.99 USD