Ankh Clock and Charging Monitor

Ankh clock, idle screen, and charging monitor.

The Ankh Meter fills the ankh shadow or outline with blue as the battery charges. Theres also a small battery icon meter that fills and changes color, a numeric %, and a battery temperature readout that turns red and sounds an alarm if the battery overheats, or turns blue if its too cold for charging. The ankh can also always be a shadow, or solid blue, or a colored outline.

The background is either continuouslyshifting color or the dark night background with colorshifting digital and dial clocks and date. When charging, there is a pulsating backlight option. If a thin or thick border is turned on, its color changes from Red through Orange and Yellow to Green depending on how charged the battery is. The ankhs outline can also be set to this color, or a shifting or fixed color.

The periphery digital and dial clock, date, numeric %charged, battery temperature, and battery icon meter and border can be turned off to leave just the ankh on the display, as a silhouette or the ankh meter battery meter. The clock can be miniature or the ankh itself can be the clock face.

Charging targets can be set level or voltage, with audible and visual alerts when reached. Autostart and autostop behavior and display timeout and security timer integration are configurable.

You can gesture with whatever input device you have to adjust backlight brightness and colorshifting speed while the screensaver is running, i.e. for conveniently adjusting the bedside brightness or moodlight effect without having to go into the menu or settings.

Does not show on cover display of 82xx models, but can be used as charging monitor when phone open.

App Name:Ankh Clock and Charging Monitor

App Version:1.0.10

App Size:121 KB

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