Timer Stopwatch

A highly configurable timer/stopwatch with analog digital displays, four operating modes, background operation, and many appearance options!

Handy for all sorts of activities, such as parking, fitness sports, lectures presentations, cooking, meditation, etc.

Four modes: up, down, downup, and downrepeat which is useful for intervals
Analog and digital display options
Up to three warning chimes on the countdown, and a distinct final chime
Chimes are a combination of tune/vibrate/LED and are set up in the sound profiles application
Lap times, split times and lap count shown on main display; Up to 125 laps
Data logging with time stamping
Data emailing
Min, max, and average lap times summary in the data screen
Countdown max of 23:59:59 h:m:s, count up display of 12h analog and 24h digital with wraparound if exceeded
Configurable font size for footer items
Footer uses a bold version of the font chosen in Options / Screen/Keyboard
Touchscreen devices get a row of four control buttons drawn at the bottom of the screen
Color preferences for all display items; the initial settings have a white background and blue hands
Many millions of color combinations
140 solid backgrounds
16 builtin wallpapers
Multiple combinations of timer/stopwatch face styles analog display
Translucent hands option analog display
Precise and subtle hand movements analog display
Optional time shown in the footer
Power management
Backlight control
Settings stored persistently
Note that on flip phones, only the main display is used

Also see our Vorino Clock Screensaver, and our Preset Timer, available separately.

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