Handy Travel Log

Handy Travel Log for the BlackBerry PlayBook is a mileage/fuel/auto expense tracking solution. An essential tool for the professional or anyone required to log mileage.

Handy Travel Log has three main tasks; Travel Entry, Export and Setup. To reveal the three tasks, swipe down from the top and a menu will appear. It is recommended when you first download or purchase Handy Travel Log to start with the Setup task.

Choose Setup task from the top menu, it resembles a "cog" or "gear" icon. With the Setup task, you can maintain locations origins/destinations, clients, projects, repetivitive activities, types and employees. By setting these, it will increase the travel entry tremenously!

The Travel Entry task will automatically appear when Handy Travel Log is first opened. The Travel Entry task can be chosen from the top menu; it appears as the "Home" icon. To add an entry, touch the "plus sign icon" and a travel entry window will appear. To enter information, simply touch the element. The activity, origin and destination elements, have an additional feature, you can select from one of the previously maintained or enter something different. Date and times are preset to the current date and time. Setup types to differentiate expenses, fuel, tune-ups, tire repair etc. "Fuel" is installed automatically and is used to track the fuel consumption.

There are many columns and not all are displayed at once, just drag left or right on the headings!

The Export task provides the capability to export the travel log entries to a file in either a Tab delimited txt or comma delimited csv format. The Export task appears on the top menu. The exported files are stored in the "Documents" folder.

Further releases will provide more features such as:
- additional views by employees, clients, projects; showing weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and
annually figures
- filtering by specific date range
- fuel consumption analysis
- and more!

Release 1.20/1.21 includes
- Sorting feature
- automatic calculation of odometer
- new date ui component
Release 1.30/1.31 includes
- Performance gain!
- Dragging headings left and right should be much faster and smoother
- Major increase in performance in scrolling list up and down

Release 1.40/1.41 includes
- Filtering capabilities!
- Total line with totals
- Create "Return" trips by selecting a row and pressing add

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App Name:Handy Travel Log

App Version:1.41.0

App Size:4176 KB

Cost:US$1.99 USD

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