Mobile CRM for SugarCRM DEMO

***This application is demo for demonstration purposes only***
If you are looking for a fast, easy to install and easy to use mobile CRM solution that was designed specifically for SugarCRM on the BlackBerry, take a look at this new solution.
* Works on all versions of SugarCRM from Community Edition Open Source to Professional and Enterprise.

* Manage thousands of contacts using beautiful and easy to use UI

* Instantly access and update CRM contact details

* Send email using native email client and automatically save it on the CRM

* Access CRM contacts in native applications seamlessly: email, calendar, and address book

* Synchronization and automatic updates for the SugarCRM information

* Designed to be fast

* Works with or without BES servers

* Offline access to all your contact information

Please note that this application is for demonstration purposes only and some features such as the automatic synchronization are disabled. Please contact for a full version.

App Name:Mobile CRM for SugarCRM DEMO

App Version:1.4.0

App Size:691 KB


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