Welcome to myCompany, the application for Playbook created specifically for our customers: We want to update them on world of Softec SpA, wherever they are.

With one touch you can:

* Have immediate access to dynamic content according to a new interactive and multimedia way
* Contact the sales department
* Make feedback on services
* Read Softec SpA business news

myCompany is designed to meet your
needs, thanks to the use of best available technologies, to create the best relationship with our brand.

The user experience achieve the top in the page flip application, thanks to his many features:

* Display of media content videos, photo galleries, additional texts related to documents
* Monitor progress through swipe gesture
* Advanced Preloader for loading documents
* Zoom function
* Menu tab, and quick navigation with thumbnails
* Aspect of the page for easier reading

App Name:myCompany

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:829 KB


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