Food Safety Certification Exam Prep

With 201 targeted questions, Upward Mobilitys Food Safety Pro app for BlackBerry is the perfect tool to hone your knowledge of critical kitchen habits.

Perfect for the culinary professional, kitchen manager, food safety professional, or home cook, this app re-enforces knowledge of safe food preparation, food storage, and kitchen practices, as well as U.S. legal procedures and the science of contamination. All of our app content is created exclusively for Upward Mobility by expert culinary safety writers. This app was designed to encompass the requirements of the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Examination, the American Food Safety Institute AFSI Food Manager Certification FMC exam, and the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals NRFSP Certified Food Safety Professional examination, and the content is also applicable to state level exams.

* 201 multiple-choice questions with detailed, helpful explanations.
* Covers information pertaining to:
– Contamination
– Facilities
– Food handling
– Food prep
– Pests
– Purchasing
– Regulations
– Sanitizing
– Training
* Upward Mobilitys exclusive, intuitive interface.
* Study Mode — Each question is paired with a clear and useful explanation. Study at your own pace!
* Test Mode — Designed to simulate the exam experience. Set your own question and time constraints.
* Review your answers in both question-by-question and aggregate format.

Upward Mobility is an independent test-preparation apps company that creates high quality material that is witty and engaging, perfect for on-the-go students and ambitious professionals. All of our content is developed exclusively for Upward Mobility by writers who are subject matter experts. We are a double bottom line company that is committed to education in the developing world. Some of the profits will be used to deploy education via mobile phone in emerging countries to improve their total factor productivity growth. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and if you have any questions or comments or are unsatisfied with our products in any way, please contact us at and we will do our best to help you.

App Name:Food Safety Certification Exam Prep

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:1084 KB

Cost:US$3.99 USD

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