IdeaMatrix – Notes Ideas and Memo PIM Database

IdeaMatrix brings world-class note and idea management software to BlackBerry smartphones. Keeping track of years of ideas, thoughts, and pearls of wisdom requires an elegant application, adept at finding those nuggets years later.

IdeaMatrix manages an unlimited number of ideas and notes, organized by an unlimited number of folders and categories. REXwireless award-winning Indy*Search allows the user to find information quickly and efficiently.

As with all REXwireless professional-grade applications, IdeaMatrix features Always*Safe wireless auto-backup and optional** access. Data is safe and recoverable, even if your BlackBerry is lost or stolen. By using the REXdesktop web-access system, customers can update their data from any internet-connected PC or Mac.

Top Features

1. Stay organized with unlimited drawers and folders

2. Always have your important notes with you on your Blackberry – IdeaMatrix features unlimited notes in REXwirelesss high-performance Matrix database

3. Find a note quickly with REXwirelesss Indy*Search feature

4. Never forget a note with the reminder alert feature

5. Become a power-user with screen aware Hot*Key shortcuts

6. Hide sensitive infortmation with the privacy option on notes

7. Inject notes without re-typing from BlackBerry e-mail.

8. Trigger BlackBerry actions such as e-mail, dialing the phone, and opening the browser with links inside IdeaMatrix notes.

9. E-Mail notes or folders of notes to others

10. Rest assured that your data is safe with REXwireless Always*Safe and REXdesktop Web Browser Access**

**REXdesktop web browser access is an optional feature and is not required for BlackBerry functionality. REXwireless Software offers complimentary Always*Safe wireless backup whether or not a user chooses the REXdesktop service. REXdesktop is included for six months with a license, then $24 annually.

App Name:IdeaMatrix – Notes Ideas and Memo PIM Database

App Version:2009.11.7

App Size:289 KB

Cost:US$59.99 USD

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