BeatMix for the Blackberry Playbook is a beat sequencer drum machine that lets your creative and rhythmic senses run wild through an intuitive interface.

Why spend more when you dont have to?
BeatMix costs less than a quarter of the price of other popular beat sequencer applications offered on the iPad and offers all the essential elements of a beat sequencer built for anyone who just wants to mix. It is fun, intuitive, trendy, and easy on your wallet. Less fidgeting and more experimenting!

How do I use it?
BeatMixs primary functionality is to loop through and play the drum beats that you can configure in the matrix on the top portion of the screen. The matrix is divided into 4 rows, each representing a different drum sound, and 16 columns, representing the 16 counts in the loop. The user can toggle each box in the matrix to indicate whether the corresponding drum is played on that count. As the white bar travels from left to right through the 16 counts, it will play the sound of the drum that is toggled ON. There are endless configurations to produce a catchy and unique beat. Put your imagination to work!

Bonus features:
The 9 buttons on the top left can automatically fill in every 2nd, 4th, or 8th count.
The four large keys on the bottom play the sound instantly as you hit it, empowering your freestyling capabilities.
When you need to get inspired, hit the Randomize button to automatically generate a completely random configuration that will captivate you and take your mind outside the box.

Creative Uses:
Next time you hear a song that you find a little too mellow, mix it up with some crazy beats.
No longer need someone to beatbox next time you attempt to freestyle rap.
Play guitar and sing to the beats on your next camping trip.
Right after you tell the next joke, play the usual ba-da-dun-chhh to add a dramatic effect.

Get it now and start mixin!

App Name:BeatMix

App Version:1.0.1

App Size:1177 KB

Cost:US$1.99 USD

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