Find a recommended restaurant or business using Yelp

Always going to the same restaurants ?
Not sure which restaurant to try next?
Use this application to find the best restaurants near you

Powered by Yelp

Get a list of restaurants and other businesses near you
See detailed data such as their rating , type of food, phone number, address
Clicking on the restaurant name gives more details, such as price range and reviews
Call the restaurant directly from the application
Supports these countries: USA, Canada, UK
You can input your location manually or find it automatically using a GPS acquiring a GPS signal might take up to a minute depending on GPS reception and depends on having a good GPS reception
This application does not support CDMA devices

Minimum Requirements:
Data Plan

App Name:GrabABite

App Version:2.51.0

App Size:56 KB

Cost:US$9.99 USD

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