MUNDEO – Retro-styled digital desktop clock

Retro-styled Desktop Clock "MUNDEO" for BlackBerry Smartphones.
Magic Look for your BlackBerry Smartphone.

MUNDEO clock is a fancy desktop clock that gives your BlackBerry device a distinctive Retro-styled look.
Youll never forget the time and date with MUNDEO clock oversized characters,
done up in a fine modernist font.

MUNDEO clock comes with several customizable options:

- Show the clock on external power in fullscreen mode nightclock
- Show clock on home desktop
- 24 or 12 time format
- Day/Month/Year or Month/Day/Year date format
- Optional show the date on desktop
- Two brightness modes dark and light

Easy activate clock on home desktop:

At first you must confirm "changing security timer setting" show once after click on your app

press the BlackBerry button
then press config from menu
now you can activate the clock
you can also show clock on external power
and show clock on home desktop

App Name:MUNDEO – Retro-styled digital desktop clock

App Version:1.7.0

App Size:501 KB

Cost:US$7.99 USD

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