MedsIQ – Multiuser

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MedsIQ helps busy patients, parents, and caregivers track the myriad details of medication management. With MedsIQ, you can:

* Organize the details of all medications in a single place.
* Track the status of a prescription
* Integrate a care team with contact information for Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses, Health Aides and other Caregivers.
* Designs schedules
* Keep pillbox inventories
* Receive visual, audible and spoken dose reminders, and
* Get reminders to drop off prescriptions and pickup medication for up to 10 users and unlimited medications.
* View history of actions and reconcile missed reminders.
* Email medication list and history.


* "MedsIQ – Individual" for patients with complex medication schedules or who have difficulty adhering to their medication regimen only 1 user.
* "MedsIQ – Multiuser" for parents coordinating medications for one or more children as well as themselves up to 10 users.
* "MedsIQ – Multiuser" for family caregivers helping to maintain the independence of a senior family member up to 10 users.
* "MedsIQ – Professional" for professional caregivers and health aides helping clients with their medication regimens up to 10 users.

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App Name:MedsIQ – Multiuser

App Version:1.0.21

App Size:427 KB

Cost:US$4.99 USD

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