Its time to upgrade your Broselow Tape.

SafeDose is your second check like having a trusted pediatric pharmacist or Doctor Broselow looking over your shoulder to make sure any dose you give to a child is accurate. Avoid the dreaded ten-fold dosing errors that can lead to "death by decimal point."

Easy to Use:
Simply select the childs weight range or Broselow Color and then choose your drug and indication from a list. SafeDose displays the standard dose in mg and presents the mLs to administer for the selected concentration. This information can be used to double check that physician orders are in the correct range.

Unlike other medical dose calculators, SafeDose also provides mixing, preparation and administration instructions. It also shows adverse affects and other information.

Doses are chosen by drug and indication. Visual cues and scroll-and-click selection rather than typing help ensure correct entry of weight or length. These and other built-in features prevent error.

Content You Can Trust:
All the content is peer-reviewed and was developed by Dr. Robert Luten and Dr. Jim Broselow, both leading authorities in acute pediatric care. The Artemis Initiative is a joint effort of eBroselow and the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group to develop an international standard for pediatric dosage. SafeDose utilizes content from the Artemis web product which has been out for over a year and licensed by over 125 hospitals. Artemis is an enterprise-level web or PC application that has been used extensively by thousands of doctors and nurses and has already garnered publicity for saving lives see


We require that users update the app whenever a new version is released. By downloading this app, Users confirm they have read and agree to our full license agreement at . Use of this product is subject to the AS IS warranty statement therein. eBroselow makes no warranties or representations about the quality, currency, accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose of the information contained on the Application. All drug doses should be checked with standard medical dosing guides before use. SafeDose must be used only by qualified medical professionals. Professional medical judgment and standard medical dosing guides should prevail over this application.

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