Sea Food Finder

New Sea Food Finder is fastest, easiest and friendliest way to find your nearest Sea Food Restaurant location using advance location non GPS or GPS technology.
This rich and robust application comes with these added features that the other does not:
1. Supporting Advance non GPS Location Algorithm or GPS Triangulation
2. List of up to 16+ locations of your nearest locations, if exists.
3. Builtin Google Maps w/pins showing the locations near you map view of locations
4. Builtin BlackBerry Maps support.
5. Ability to Add Contact to address book.
6. Ability to make call at location.
7. Ability to Add Favourite Locations.
8. Ability to share the experiences with friends and family via email.
Were happy to make your experience finding the nearest Sea Food Finder location that much more enjoyable. We want to thank you all who have downloaded the app.

App Name:Sea Food Finder

App Version:1.0.1

App Size:309 KB

Cost:US$2.99 USD

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