Journal de Montréal – éditionE

This application is available in French only.Reading the Journal de Montréal in electronic format, directly on your digital tablet, has never been this userfriendly!

The Journal de Montréal, Your news source, presents you with the latest headlines which matter to you, as well as extensive sports and entertainment reviews!

With the Journal de Montréals electronic version, you can browse the Journal just like the hardcopy, but you can also zoom in and share interesting articles with your friends on social networks, on the go!

Not only can you access the same headlines as in the hardcopy without having to worry about carrying it around or getting it on your doorstep, but you can also get our special issues as well, whether on your computer or your tablet.

App Name:Journal de Montréal – éditionE

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:856 KB


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