High School Senior Posing Guide

High School Senior Posing Guide provides 80 exciting tried and tested poses for senior girls that have resulted in orders. Poses include both outdoor and indoor settings. Each pose is demonstrated using one of my actual seniors clients I have photographed. Additionally, each sample pose is accompanied by the the camera settings and lighting position diagrams used in the respective image. In some cases, comments on how to perform postprocessing of the images are also included.

Often, seniors have little experience posing for a professional photographer. Using a posing guide will not only assist you with ideas on new ways to pose senior girls but will also help you communicate with your subject to get just the right photograph.

High School Senior Posing Guide for blackberry Screenshot

App Name:High School Senior Posing Guide

App Version:1.0.2

App Size:30798 KB

Cost:US$1.99 USD

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