Photo Editor Pro

Best featureloaded photo app for less. Great both for basic and advanced photo editing. Special CROP modes for creating wallpapers and chat icons. RESIZE and CROP work seamlessly both on touch screen and track pad, ideal for Torch. Includes original artistic filters: Silver Print and Progressive BlackWhite, be first to own them! PhotoEditor Pro takes several times LESS MEMORY on your device than other photo editing apps!!!

Buy now and get all future upgrades absolutely free!!!


Crop; Wallpaper crop; Square crop

Color correction:
White balance: indoor, foliage, aquarium

Color Filters:
Black and White;
Negative colors,
Negative Black and White
Silver print Original awesome filter!

Advanced filters:
Progressive Black and White Original awesome filter!

Zoomed preview of visual effects
Set as wallpaper option for OS 4.7 and up
Save or set as wallpaper
Operates on images in JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF formats
Easy to use

How to use PhotoEditor Pro:
PhotoEditor Pro has intuitive design and can be easily learned by viewing provided screen shots.
PhotoEditor Pro starts with the front screen with four buttons that open four sets of features: Sun button opens color correction set Brightness, Contrast and White balance, Color rays button opens color filters menu, Color yingyang icon opens advanced filters Sharpen, Blur, Glow and Progressive BW, and Scissors icon opens tools menu Resize, Crop, Flip and Rotate.
Loading a photo. Press BlackBerry menu button to open the app menu. There are two options for loading images:Load from Gallery or Load menu items. Load from Gallery opens picture viewer: select a picture, open the menu and choose Open in PhotoEditorPro item on top. While the app is running this menu item is always present in the picture gallery, so you can always switch and load another image.
CROP on touch screen: great support of twofinger and single finger crop area selection.
CROP on track pad /track ball: supports fast selection and high precision selection; hold ALT key for high precision selection, hold SHIFT key to toggle between crop parameters.
RESIZE the image using the track pad or touch screen. The size is displayed on top of the screen. When you are done press escape key and choose if you want to accept the new size.
Brightness. Choose best brightness settings using either +/ buttons on the screen, or +/ keys on keypad, or even volume up/down keys.
Contrast filter chooses best contrast options automatically. For best results use it on images with high details, for instance photos of nature.
Flip or rotate your photo using either buttons on the screen, or +/ keys on keypad, or volume up/down keys.
Color filters and Advances filters. Choose a filter from the menu. The filter screen will appear with the modified image. In the filter screen you can preview modified image in full size, and then accept or cancel the filter.
Save or set as wallpaper. By default the images are saved to SD card, otherwise to device memory. Saved files are named as PhotoPro_date_number.jpg

Photo Editor Pro for blackberry Screenshot

App Name:Photo Editor Pro

App Version:1.2.0

App Size:342 KB

Cost:US$1.99 USD

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