SwannView: Live DVR viewing on your BlackBerry smartphone.
The SwannView app is the ultimate in convenience and connectivity, allowing you to access your Swann DVR from wherever you happen to be in the world via your supported BlackBerry phone.
SwannView supports:
multichannel viewing with easy switching from one channel to the next. With no time limit you can stream video for as long as you have data access either through your cellular network or via WIFI.
You can capture still images, and save these to your local photo gallery. You can also control PTZ pan, tilt, zoom cameras remotely.
The login process supports username and password authentication to prevent unauthorized access. The video stream is sent directly from your DVR to your phone without being routed through 3rd party servers.
Complete manual control over IP address and port configurations means that SwannView is customizable for both local and truly remote access. If your phone has internet, you can see your cameras!
Currently supported DVR models:

SwannView for blackberry Screenshot

App Name:SwannView

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:1099 KB


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