Geocaching, according to the official geocaching web site, is best described as a realworld, outdoor treasure hunting Game using GPSenabled devices. The sport is more than ten years old and is growing quickly, with millions of participants and geocaches worldwide.

CacheALot improves the geocaching experience by allowing users to view geocaches details and navigate to them using the BlackBerry Playbook. CacheALot imports geocache details, either individually or in groups called Pocket Queries, that have been downloaded from the geocaching web site onto the BlackBerry PlayBook where they remain accessible even when the device is disconnected from the internet.

Once the geocache details have been imported into CacheALot, the user can review them, sort them by name, code, container type, and search and terrain difficulty, filter them by name, code, found status, container size, and search and terrain difficulty, and navigate to them online or offline.

Note: In order to access geocache locations, the geocaching web site requires users to sign up for an account with them. The site offers two types of accounts: Basic free and Premium paid. A Premium account is required in order to download geocache details both individually and as Pocket Queries to BlackBerry PlayBook or GPS or phone. Because CacheALot works exclusively with downloaded geocache details, a Premium membership is essential. Get all the scoop at

Using CacheALot:

Individual geocache detail files gpx files can be downloaded from the geocaching web site directly onto the Playbook. Pocket Queries are essentially stored searches that can be executed manually ondemand or automatically on a predetermined schedule and whose results can be also downloaded directly from the geocaching web site as gpx files compressed into a zip file.

Home View This is the view that comes up when CacheALot is started. It lists both the individual geocaches and the Pocket Queries that the user has imported into CacheALot. From here, the user can either select a Pocket Query to open into the Cache List View, described below, or switch to the Import Query View to import a Pocket Query that has been downloaded to the Playbook from the geocaching web site.

Cache List View This view presents the user with a list of the geocaches that are contained within the selected Pocket Query. The list can be sorted and filtered and the user can select one at a time to display its details.

Map View Whenever internet access is available, CacheALot offers a Google map view of the filtered geocaches and the Playbooks current position marked with easily recognized icons. This map can be zoomed and panned and supports map, satellite, hybrid, and terrain modes. It also displays the Playbooks current longitude, latitude, and accuracy. Tapping a geocaches marker on the map will pop up its details for review.

Birds Eye View For the times when no internet access is available, CacheAlot offers a mapless view of the filtered geocaches and BlackBerry PlayBook current position. It uses the same easily recognized icons as the Map View and displays the geocaches codes as a bonus. This display can be zoomed and panned like the Map View and displays the longitude, latitude, and accuracy as well. The geocaches markers can also be tapped in this view to show their details.

App Name:CacheALot

App Version:1.1.0

App Size:1971 KB

Cost:US$2.99 USD

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