Alaska Tides for 2011

Alaska Tides, 2011 provides Mariners traversing the larger waterways in the US with Tidal predictions.

Have the current tides information with you at all times… even when you are away from the helm
Includes NOAA 2011 Tide predictions for all stations… so no more manual calculations

AK_Tides_2011 provides 472 Station predictions for the Alaska water ways.

June 2011: Important Notice!!! The following is from the NOAA website:

Important Notice
This service of the NOAA Tides Currents website will not be available after the 2011 calendar year.

Tide predictions for 2011 and future dates are now available from the NOAA Tide Predictions service.
We at mytideschedule believe that it is a requirement customers be aware of this change.

1 NOAA has issued the following Disclaimer:
These data are based upon the latest information available as of the date of your request, and may differ from the published tide tables.

2 NOAA has changed the format of the yearly tide predictions and the new predictions differ from the former predictions.

Mytideschedule offers smartphone tide predictions for Oregon, Washington, Alaska, North Carolina and South Carolina. Each of these offerings will conform to the new NOAA tide predictions by end of July 2011.

App Name:Alaska Tides for 2011

App Version:2.0.0

App Size:935 KB

Cost:US$9.99 USD

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