Welcome to iSpeedy+ a native BlackBerry Travel Application.

This version extends the FREE version of iSpeedy by adding the capability to store your travel expenses and add trips which were not booked using iSpeedy, allowing you to have this information integrated in the My Trips screen.

This is a fully functional search and booking tool.

Bringing together the best suppliers we make it easy for you to compare and save!

Book your flights domestic or international with over 200 airlines.

Book hotels and accommodation in over 16,000 hotels in 80 countries worldwide.

Book car hire in Australia/New Zealand only.

View your current and future trips easily.

Edit your personal details, add credit card and frequent flyer numbers directly from your BlackBerry.

Sign into our website to add additional companions to keep that information at your fingertips when booking using your BlackBerry.

App Name:iSpeedyPlus

App Version:2.2.1

App Size:1921 KB

Cost:US$0.99 USD

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