iTransitBuddy – New Jersey

iTransitBuddy puts your Transit Schedules right in your pocket! Train Schedules for New Jersey Transit!!!

Quick and easy to use! iTransitBuddy contains the latest train schedules for New Jersey Transit right on your BlackBerry Smartphone!

Whether you are a daily commuter or a weekend visitor iTransitBuddy is for you!

iTransitBuddy saves you time by allowing you to quickly find your next train, how much time you have until your the train leaves, as well as all trains leaving in the next 24 hours.

New Jersey Transit Rail NJT
New Jersey Transit Light Rail

iTransitBuddy Features:
Point to Point information
Schedule Updates as necessary, Free!
Ability to add frequent routes as Favorites

Cellular or WiFi Connection required

Please contact the Support Team, [email protected], if you have any issues or questions. Support Team will respond within hours. We have a 100% success rate of resolving questions/issues

Customer Feedback:

Used your app again last night in NYC. I love the big red how many minutes until the train display. I was walking to Penn Station and checked while walking. In the old days I d have to look at the time, scroll through to find the closest time and try to calculate if I should rush or not.

iTransitBuddy works great!!! It is a fantastic application and completely invaluable to me.

I just purchased Transit Buddy from the App store and think it?s great!

App Name:iTransitBuddy – New Jersey

App Version:1.1.1

App Size:78 KB

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