Bored or Hungry? Looking for fun and adventure?

Lozzal is your gateway to a world of local activity suggestions. Get out and explore the area around you with some great ideas from Lozzal.

You need this app if you want to explore your city, see a concert or be a tourist for a day.

Lozzal is built for Canada by Canadians. Are you ready to explore?

Given only your location, Lozzal will consider the weather, time of day and popularity of the businesses or activities in your area to give you ideas that you can use immediately. You can direct the suggestions towards your immediate cravings simply by typing them in. By focusing suggestions on your needs and surroundings, Lozzal creates a set of ideas that will include activities you probably would not have thought of on your own.

When you find an idea you like you can invite your friends to join you with simple and easy SMS/text, email, Twitter or Facebook sharing features. Your friends dont even need to have Lozzal installed on their phone they can see the idea, map/address and itinerary in a simple mobile web browser through Lozzal.com.

WARNING: Lozzal is a whole new kind of awesome local tool. Are you ready to start exploring?

App Name:Lozzal

App Version:1.0.0

App Size:154 KB


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