Call Cheap by GlobalVoice

Call Cheap to your family, friends and colleagues all over the world. Call Cheap is a mobile application that allows you to call anywhere in the world with low prices.

Then charge your account and start calling.
You do not have to change your SIM card, or sign up with another telephone operator to be able to call. Everything goes through the Call Cheap application.
When you call, our system will make a callback to your phone and setup the call. Setting up a call like this avoids you paying any additional cost to your telephone operator. You only pay approximately 1 eurocent to establish the IP connection.
To make cheaper calls when you are abroad the Call Cheap application has another smart feature. To avoid roaming, or changing to a new SIM card when you are in a foreign
country, you can change the callback number to a local number: e. g. the telephone number in your hotel room, a telephone booth, a local house you are visiting etc. When you set up a call now, the callback will go against that number.
Cost of using your mobile abroad international roaming.

App Name:Call Cheap by GlobalVoice

App Version:1.2.0

App Size:86 KB


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