Dont Drunk Dial

We all like to have fun, but sometimes things just get out of control.
Dont Drunk Dial! will prevent you from drunk dialing your family, friends, and enemies, and stop you from saying words that you may regret! When the application is enabled and a call is attempted, Dont Drunk Dial! will force you to enter a password within a set time limit before allowing the call to go through. To disable the application you will also need to enter a password.
Dont Drunk Dial! will NOT block Emergency Calls, such as 911.
Please party responsibly, and Dont Drunk Dial!

To ensure DDD! to work, please make sure you set all its permissions to Allow. Check your permissions by following these steps:

1. Go to Options.
2. Go to Advanced Options.
3. Go to Applications.
4. Scroll to Dont Drunk Dial!, hit the Blackberry menu and click Edit Permissions.
5. Set everything to Allow.

App Name:Dont Drunk Dial

App Version:1.5.0

App Size:34 KB

Cost:US$0.99 USD

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