Ecalc is a professional app that no electrician or electrical engineer should be without. Ecalc calculates many common formulas and tables based on the Canadian Electrical Code. Ecalc contains 6 separate programs to make electrical calculations a snap. The first is a transformer calculator that calculates the full load amperage of any transformer. Just enter your KVA, voltage, and phases and the calculator will tell you the full load amperage. The second program is a voltage drop calculator which makes complex voltage drop calculations and derating simple. Punch in your numbers and Ecalc will tell you your maximum wire lengths, voltage drop percentages, and actual voltage drop. The third program calculates the number of wires you can fit into a given pipe size or performs the much more complex task of calculating the required pipe size based on a list of wires you input. The second function returns total wire area, percent fill allowed, percent fill, and required pipe size. The fourth program returns allowable ampacity for any wire with any derating variables. The fifth program returns minimum burial depths required for buried wires. This program allows you to input burial type, traffic type, voltage, and any special conditions and then returns the minimum burial depth. The sixth program returns ground wire and bond wire sizes based on ampacity. All these programs are contained under a single simple menu system called ecalc and represented by a lightning bolt icon.

App Name:E-Calc

App Version:3.0.0

App Size:247 KB

Cost:US$2.99 USD

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