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Turn your BlackBerry smartphone into the ultimate flashlight source for convenience, safety and entertainment with Flashlight Free Trial. Flashlight Free Trial is a three day free trial of the Flashlight Pro application.

No other flashlight application for BlackBerry is even remotely comparable to the functionality of Flashlight Pro. Flashlight Pro uses more light sources, has more color options and supports more special effects than any other BlackBerry flashlight.

Choose your source of light as either one or a combination of:
the notification LED
the screen backlight, BRIGHTER
the camera flash, BRIGHTEST OS 5.0 or higher only.

Flashlight Pro has the widest variety of special lighting effects:
setting the LED and screen backlight to any color
strobe lighting one color or changing colors
displaying a candle flame
sending and listening to a message in Morse code flashing light and audio too!

Never worry about carrying a flashlight for finding your key or a keyhole in the dark. Enhance your safety and the safety of your family by always having a flashlight with you should the lights fail for any reason. Change your BlackBerry into a strobe light entertainment centre with flashing colors at the push of a button. Hold up your elighter at concerts too.

You can configure Flashlight Pro to launch through a BlackBerry convenience key such as the side button.

Dont take our word that this is a great app, try it for free for three days with Flashlight Free Trial. Here is what our Flashlight customers are saying:

Fantastic app works great on my Curve 9300 the colours and flashing lights along with the Morse code are just an added bonus! Nice bright flashlight really great!

This flashlight works great on my blackberry. Really useful app. I downloaded the free flashlight trial and it worked fine so I bought it and have had no problems. I recommend this app.

This is great. I go camping quite a lot, so if the light ever goes out then I will have my trusty BlackBerry flashlight.

App Name:Flashlight – Flashlight Pro Free Trial

App Version:1.0.62

App Size:263 KB


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