Message Scheduler and Forwarder

Must have app for BlackBerry to schedule your daily task!!
The Message Scheduler and Forwarder is a powerful tool to schedule Phone Call, Email, Sms and Pin messages in the future date and share some of them with your friends and family using auto SMS forwarding system.

Application Features

New Features with 5.0 release.

Email Signature
Ability to enable/disable App Autostart at device startup
Import native groups and use them directly
Export message backup to csv filecan be open using excel
Calender integration
Now can do Hourly schedule
Schedule for any weekday
Sort by schedule date, message type and Name/Number
Create templates and use them in message compose
Reschedule sent, cancel and failed message
Ability to set expiry date for repeat messages.

Application feature

Ability to schedule directly from native address book, Emails, Dialer, Message app.
Full integration with the Native BlackBerry address book, Call logs.
Schedule a reply easily from the BlackBerry SMS and Email application.
Allows specifying multiple recipient numbers and groups.
Supports daily, weekly, monthly and yearly recurrence.
Use groups for bulk message scheduling and forwarding.
Allows scheduling unlimited Sms, Email, Phone Call and Pin messages.
Allows forwarding your Incoming Sms to share with friends.
Add template for message forwarding to front and back part.
All messages are stored in Device memory.
Create New Groups for Sms, Pin and Email contact.
View Groups and add Contacts to groups.
Compose Scheduling for Sms, Email, Phone Call and Pin messages.
Option to Play ring tone on phone call schedule.
Add multiple To, CC, Bcc message for Email and pin.
Add Attachment to Email Messages.
Choose recipient numbers from the devices Address Book, Call Logs and Groups.
View Message history by using Drafts, Sent and Canceled, Outbox Folder.
Once scheduled SMS delivered, it can be viewed in Send Folder.
Option to resend, delete canceled, Failed and sent messages.
User can cancel message, which sends to Cancel Folder, where user can send it again.
Works with both GSM and CDMA Phones.
Auto starts when the device is turned on, and then runs in background.
Option to Stop application working in the background.
Works on all devices with OS 4.3 and newer.
Please contact support with any issues or new ideas that you may have.

App Name:Message Scheduler and Forwarder

App Version:5.0.0

App Size:602 KB

Cost:US$4.99 USD

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