Pro Calculator

Pro Calculator enables you calculate multi mathematical operations in steps, with Tape, Comment and Flag functions.

Sweet case study:
you have some CNY, EUR, JPY and AUD, and want all of them in USD: 1. you can input each currencys amount and ratio; 2. in each small round you can add comment and name it as CNY or another text. 3. you find you forget EUR, then insert one tape. 4. flag CNY, EUR, JPY to see all those 3 currencies in sum or flag 2 of them to see the sum.

Tape in steps:
calculate in steps, we name each low as a Tape, you can insert or delete a tape without calculating digitals in small rounds, but in sequent steps.

you can add comment in each tape, so you can easily know each tape means.

add flag in some tapes, then sum all the flags.

If you any any problem of understanding the app, kindly contact us via below info.

App Name:Pro Calculator

App Version:1.0.2

App Size:553 KB

Cost:US$4.99 USD