QR Code Scan

Scan accurately and fast with QR Code Scan. Press the app icon and it is up and running ready to scan. Simply point it at the QR Code you wish to scan, hold still and in a few seconds the codes contents will be displayed on your BlackBerry screen. From there you can open it in the browser, call it if its a phone number, copy it to the clipboard, email it, SMS it, Map it, make a MemoPad note from it, and and even make a new MemoPad note with a BlackBerry Maps link in it showing where you scanned itGPS required for this function. No ads! Ready to scan right after you press the icon. Please give it trusted status and permission to use the camerait needs these and will ask on initial install. Please contact support with any questions you may have.

App Name:QR Code Scan

App Version:1.2.0

App Size:25 KB

Cost:US$0.99 USD

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