RPN Scientific Calculator LITE

UPDATE v1.1.4: Upgraded the calculator to reduce the laggy UI of the calculator, as well as repaired the longclick and dragging features of calculator body. These features should now be considered fully operational.

This is a free/demo version of the the advanced calculator RPN Scientific Calculator for the BlackBerry PlayBook. This is a RPN style calculator, modeled after the HP line of calculators, such as the venerable HP15C. It uses a postfix notation of arithmetic operations, where all the operands i.e. numbers are entered into the calculator BEFORE the operator i.e. +,,,/, etc. is specified. If this method is unfamiliar to you, please refer to this apps support website for a brief explanation on RPN calculators, as well as links to couple of other RPN tutorials on the internet.

This is a very basic version of RPN Scientific Calculator. It includes basic arithmetic including square and squareroot in both complex and real numbers. This calculator also includes longclick support to directly activate any buttons ffunction, floating point computation error handling, and scalable constants.

Advanced features not included here, but is in the Pro calculator are: complete suite of trigonometric, logarithmic and hyperbolic functions, persistent memory, and basic statistical function. NOTE: while most of the advanced function have been disabled, the SIN button function is active in this demo version of the calculator; therefore, with proper use of the trigonometric identities, any trigonometric or hyperbolic computation can be performed with this calculator.

In both this lite and Pro version, the calculator has two layout modes, fullscreen and normal. In the normal layout, the calculator can be moved the any location on the screen by touching the topbar and dragging. In the Pro version, the size and location is saved and will be restored the next time the calculator is opened. In this free, demo version, neither the size nor location is saved.

App Name:RPN Scientific Calculator LITE

App Version:1.1.5

App Size:277 KB


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