RSIC BlackBox

RSIC BlackBox is singular and powerful solution for mileage, time and expense tracking, using a single BlackBerry application. BlackBox uses a simple project based structure and efficiently uses the BlackBerry Smartphone s features, allowing users to easily register the expense they make, track their mileage and register their time based activities. The application even offers the possibility to make project related costs, revenue, profit and loss visible.

Besides these extensive functions, BlackBox comes with one additional feature: location tracking of BlackBox users, allow organizations to keep track of the location of their mobile personnel.

Save time and costs
BlackBox makes it easy to perform a large number of administrative tasks, using just a single device. Deployment of BlackBox leads to a large reduction in time and costs spent or lost on keeping track and processing of mileage, time and expenses. Not only at the user s side but also at the office side, where data is made available straight away, in industry standard formats, ready for processing. The extensive integration possiblities offered by RSIC can even further increase such efficiency related savings.

App Name:RSIC BlackBox

App Version:3.30.0

App Size:437 KB

Cost:US$59.99 USD

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