Send Later

SendLater is an innovative app that allows you to preschedule your Text SMS, Emails and Calls to be sent at a later date and time! For ex, with SendLater, you can send an email at 12 PM in night while you are sleeping, or send a Text SMS at 6 AM while you are in shower!

With SendLater you can plan events in advance and make your life easier. For ex, you can send a birthday greeting to your spouse without worrying to forget about it. Or for ex, you need to send Email and SMS messages to a person in USA from Europe at a time when he/she doesnt need to wake up to read it.

SendLater also maintains a history of all scheduled activities for easy viewing.

Clear and intuitive user interface.
Unlimited Scheduled activities can be created and saved.
Log is maintained about scheduled activities.

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App Name:Send Later

App Version:1.3.0

App Size:101 KB

Cost:US$0.99 USD