Sketch On

Sketch On is a simple drawing app that lets you use your BlackBerry PlayBook as a sketch pad. You can use your finger as a colored pencil to put your ideas into diagrams or sketches, take notes, or simply let kids to doodle!

uses the full screen for drawing, menu is hidden off screen until needed.
allows you to save and reopen sketches.
lets you draw with a line any size from 1 to 64 pixels ~finger size.
lets you choose from 8 colors.
has an eraser.

Known limitations
please keep in mind this in not a a fullblown graphics package.
this first release supports landscape mode only.
other new features will be added after the PlayBook is released, based on user feedback.

As with all Kaputa Systems products, all new versions will be a free upgrade!

App Name:Sketch On

App Version:1.0.1

App Size:213 KB

Cost:US$0.99 USD