Only for users with Chinese Simplified language.
1.Fast contact searching, you can locate object with first letter and full spell or any combination of them, you can search any part or your contact name. Normally, you need only two or three key pressings to find any contact.
2.Dialing and sending text message with convenience key, after finding your objective contact, you can make a call with dialing keythe green key, and send a short message with sym key.
3.Prefix dialing with convenience key, you can preset the prefix number, when selecting some contacts number, press p key to dial prefix number+user number.
4.Sending As number to B with convenience key, when As number is selected, press c to copy number, then select Bs number, press b to send As number to B through SMS.
5.Contacts management, you can remove the duplicate contacts conveniently. If needed, you can even remove all the contact in the phone, of course, you should be very cautious.

App Name:SmartDial

App Version:1.8.2

App Size:304 KB


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