SpeedControl AutoReply Blackberry application is developed for GPS enabled Blackberry devices.

SpeedControl application has following advantages:

1. SpeedControl application is best for parent; employer and individuals, those who want to support the life safety of a driver. He may be your friend, family member or a subordinate.
2. After installation SpeedControl application will automatically start with phone reboot.
3. SpeedControl application works in two modes :

a Driver Mode: Application will send auto reply message to every sender while driving with predefined message.
b Public Transport Mode: Application will not send message to supervisor and SMS Auto Reply message will be turned off.

4. SpeedControl application will lock the phone, when user will exceed the specified lower speed limit.
5. SpeedControl application will send Auto Reply message to sender for any incoming message as
SpeedControl Auto Reply Message: I am currently driving. I will contact you soon.
6. SpeedControl application will send SMS to the parent/supervisor phone number configured in application setting, when user will exceed the specified upper speed limit for a specified time.
7. SpeedControl Application will blink LED in Red, when user will exceed the specified speed limit.

App Name:SpeedControl

App Version:1.2.0

App Size:788 KB

Cost:US$2.99 USD

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