Usage Monitor

Usage monitor tracks your call, SMS, Email and Data usage.

Do you send more SMS than you receive?
Make more outgoing calls than you receive?
Consume more data over 3G than WiFi
Receive more emails than SMS?

Usage monitor for BlackBerry answers all these questions and more!

Features include:
Track outbound calls vs inbound, SMS sent vs received, Emails sent vs received, Data uploaded vs downloaded over 3G and WiFi
Graph call/SMS/emails and data statistics
Set notifications to prevent you from using more than your monthly call, SMS and data limits
Setup a schedule for resetting statistics on a monthly, weekly or daily basis, ideal for tracking usage while roaming
Post your statistics to Facebook and compare your Crackberry addiction against your friends

Usage Monitor for BlackBerry gives you all your BlackBerry usage statistics at your fingertips!

App Name:Usage Monitor

App Version:1.11.0

App Size:1278 KB

Cost:US$2.99 USD

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