VitalSIGNS from appsFX monitors the health of your
BlackBerry Smartphone in realtime and will alert if the
device has any issues with functions that are critical to
your BlackBerry operating efficiently. As a matter of fact,
we continue to put the Smart in Smartphones as VitalSIGNS
will even alert the user when critical BlackBerry resources
battery, memory, device storage, SDCard storage are
getting run down. This allows you to address pending
performance issues in advance, just like feeling a cold/flu
coming on. Once you feel it, you can react to it before
it gets the best of you.

Application Features:

User selects which service/signal Losses to report:
Voice ~ WiFi ~ Data ~ GPS ~ Bluetooth
Report on low battery strength, user selects minimum
threshold for alerting
Report on low memory condition, user selects minimum
threshold for alerting
Report on storage condition Device and SDCard, user
selects minimum threshold for alerting
User selectable alert methods: Screen
PopUp ~ Email ~ Audio ~ Device Log
User defined frequency in which VitalSIGNS will run
a checkup and report

»» Supported on OS 4.3 and above
»» Supported on OS 5.0 and above
»» Supported on OS 6.0 and above
»» Supported on OS 7.0
»» Architected to Deploy and Manage via BlackBerry BES

For Corporate Deployment Information contact appsFX

And check out our full portfolio of products, all use the
same easytouse look and feel control panel system
for simple installation and deployment. All apps are
backed with the same high level of support and service.

App Name:VitalSigns

App Version:1.115.0

App Size:485 KB

Cost:US$3.99 USD

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