try Vopium and get 5 FREE call minutes and SMS just to see how it works
If you like it, purchase the call minutes you need or try one of our many super saver global call plans

LOWEST PRICES you SAVE up to 94% on your international phone calls

NO HIDDEN CHARGES no payment information exchanged until you purchase totally transparent billing keep track of your balance purchase credits right from your Blackberry

NO GIMMICKS call direct from your Blackberry your phone number, your phone company,
your contact list backup your contacts and calendar on Vopium.com

EASY TO USE download the FREE app here and start phone calling with your free 5 min test drive

GREAT SOUND global phone calls that sound next door

24/7 SUPPORT Vopium support team is always there to answer your questions around the clock


When you call international, Vopium catches your phone call and then sends it to wherever your family, friends and business partners are. You pay your phone company for the local call and you pay Vopium for the international call. The trick is Vopium gets the international part of your phone call for so much less than your phone company does so you end up paying only a fraction of the cost for your international calls.

App Name:Vopium

App Version:2.1.4

App Size:839 KB


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