Earn 30000 Dollar Per Month Playing Online Poker ebook

Much like a pilot need not know the pure physics behind his flight, a skilled poker player need not know the pure mathematics behind winning poker play. Too often have poker books taken a purely theoretical approach to poker instruction. This book is the only poker book available that caters specifically to online sitngo SNG singletable lowlimit Texas Holdem tournaments. More importantly, it is the only poker book that guides the reader on a progressive path upward through the various limits, with only the information necessary to win with any bankroll or skill level to beat that specific low limit. Presented in a series of steps, the book provides guidelines that help tell the reader when to move up to a higher limit. SNGs have very predictable durations 4060 minutes so the reader could effectively set aside blocks of time to play. Unlike other games, the book contends that SNGs have very predictable win/loss rates, can be defeated systematically, and offer an innate system of progression. That is, the various buyin amounts can be viewed as a climbable ladder that helps gauge success. As with any gambling, winning is not a sure thing. But this book gives you the tools you need to win.
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App Name:Earn 30000 Dollar Per Month Playing Online Poker ebook

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