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"Dont panic! Everything you need to know about cult author Douglas Adams and his most famous creation, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, is in here. From its unlikely start as a BBC radio serial in 1978, Hitchhikers Guide developed into five bestselling novels, a BAFTA-winning television series, spoken word LPs that made the pop charts, dozens of extraordinary stage productions around the world, a computer game which topped the charts for a whole year – and now a Hollywood feature film. The Pocket Essential Hitchhikers Guide is the only book in the galaxy to document and explain all the contradictory variants of the story, packed with bizarre trivia and illuminating quotes from many of those directly involved in Hitchhikers Guide, including Douglas Adams himself. Also included is information on Douglas Adams other work: the Dirk Gently novels, The Meaning of Liff, Last Chance to See, Starship Titanic and his contributions to Doctor Who, Monty Python and Comic Relief. This new edition is fully revised and updated to include the Hitchhikers Guide movie and the brand new radio series.

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